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With everything being so busy, the launch of our new Royalty Free Music Collection has slipped a few days ...

The fact is, I always have your best interest at heart , so I've let our own project slip back in order make sure everyone gets the best we can give them - period !. Things are now heading back on track ... so make sure you're signed up to the announcement list and keep an eye on your email - you won't want to miss what's coming.


Globe Crest Studios Opening Royalty Free Channels

MusicForMarketing is launching "The Ultimate Royalty Free Music Collection".
Globe Crest Studios is providing the ultimate "Royalty Free Music For Marketing", for use in ALL your video and audio visual productions. Transform your videos into Red Hot Money Making Machines, with the magical power of MusicForMarketing.

Get youself over there right now and jump on the pre-launch list to secure yourself a "Special Deal" before it's too late., and we'll let you know what's happening so you'll have your opportunity to get some incredible deals while they last !.

Over the coming days and weeks, we'll be adding more great items and offering some super specials when we celebrate - sign up to the list for more details.


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